"It’s so admirable when people break out of the ordinary to chase adventure and dreams"

Sindri Jensson

"For me the most fun part was to read all the stories of the people Kristján met along the way"

Jökull Torfason

"First and foremost it shows how people can be nice and happy no matter the circumstances"

Skúli Björnsson

"Never stop daring"

Gísli, Kristjáns dad

One day Kristján was invited to a motorbike trip around the west coast in Iceland. It was is first motorbike trip and he had no expectations. He fell for the experience to travel in this way, all the freedom that followed and to see the surroundings in a different light. He in fact was fell so much for it that two years later, 58 years old, is he starting his travel around the globe on a motorbike, a camera and an open mind. For 10 months he experienced first hand how people all over the world live and saw the world through a different lense.

Sliding Through documentary

A sneak peak into the documentary that was shown on the Icelandic National TV in 2018

"I connected with the photos in the book and somehow found myself being present in the places he visited"

Sindri Jensson

"Something changed within me. I gained humility towards life"

Kristján Gíslason, Sliding Through

"It was beautiful as well to read about all the love he received wherever he went and that people are usually nice and helpful"

Guðbjörg Andrésdóttir

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Storytelling with Kristján himself

Kristján lectures regularly about his trip around the globe. This is not a story about a mad motorcyclist around the world but rather a human life research from a traveller on a motorbike around the world. Kristján is the first Icelander to travel alone on a motorbike around the world.

You can book a lecture from Kristján here:

A book that goes the whole circle

Last time the Sliding Through Foundation donated 37.000 euros to the project Óminni (e. Amnesia) by Kristján Ernir Björgvinsson, Sólrún Freyja Sein and Eyþór Gunnlaugsson. Óminni is a three episode educational series about the drug problem in Iceland which was broadcasted by the biggest media in Iceland. You can see a preview here down below (only in icelandic).

"Sliding Through is a travel journal that blows you away. You are basically a rider on his bike"

Skúli Björnsson