Reykjavik – Iceland

The harbor of Reykjavik has gone through big changes in the past few years as tourism has increased. Small fishing […] Read more

Hekla – South Iceland

In this video, we are heading for the most famous mountain in Iceland, Hekla, which erupts approximately once every ten […] Read more

Lokinhamrar – Westfjords of Iceland

My first motorcycle experience took place in August 2012 when I travelled over 1.700 km with the members of the […] Read more

Off Road Biking East of Iceland

This video shows my friend Guðmundur Björnsson, on his BMW 1200 GS Adventure, in full action east of Iceland in […] Read more

Þakgil – South Iceland

In end of June 2013, 14 members of the Icelandic BMW Motorcycle Club went to Austfirðir (“Eastfjörds”). First, we biked […] Read more

50 Shades of Iceland

One of the most exciting years of my life is coming to an end – what an adventure! Now, I […] Read more

Northeast Iceland

After being on the road for more than 10 months, my adjustment to normal life is progressing quite well. Part […] Read more

Kerlingafjöll and Hvítárvatn

One day, our group did a riding tour to Kerlingarfjöll, which is 1,477 m (4,845 ft) tall mountain range situated […] Read more

Reykjanes – Iceland

It has become a tradition for the members of the BMW Motorcycle Club here in Iceland, to ride to Reykjanes […] Read more

Laki – South Iceland

In this short video, my main focus is on my mentors in the world of motorcycling, as we went on […] Read more